Thigh Lift Techniques

Jan 30, 2014 @ 09:12 AM — by blakebird
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Manhattan Thigh Lift TechniquesSagging, dimpled, or flabby thighs can make swimsuits, or even just shorts, the bane of your existence.

If you are looking to banish crinkled, sagging skin on your thighs and create a better contour, then a thigh lift may be the ideal solution. Liposuction alone won’t work if your skin has lost elasticity because removing excess fat will simply “deflate” your thighs and leave you with even more sagging skin.

A better solution may be a thigh lift, which reshapes your thighs by removing the excess skin and a modest amount of fat. The result: smoother skin and better proportions in your thighs and lower body.

Plastic surgeon Craig Foster's "Park Avenue Boutique" in Manhattan can deliver natural looking results by tailoring thigh lift techniques to your needs. Double board certified in plastic and reconstructive surgery, he also can combine a thigh lift with liposuction to improve results.

Thigh Lift Options

Common thigh lift techniques include:

Medial Thigh Lift (Inner Thigh)

This is the most popular thigh lift as it targets the inner thigh, a problem area for women. An incision is made in the groin fold and the skin on the inner thigh is lifted and tightened. The treatment is designed for people with moderate amounts of skin and fat on the inner thigh.

Vertical Thigh Lift (Inner Thigh)

This technique is used if there is a significant amount of fat and loose skin along the inner thigh. It requires a vertical incision from the groin crease down to the inner knee. Then, a wedge of excess skin is removed. The incision leaves a scar along the inner leg that will be visible when wearing shorts or a swimsuit.

Bilateral Thigh Lift (Front and Outer Thigh)

The bilateral thigh lift targets both the front and outside of the leg. The incision is made at the top of the leg and extends from the groin to the outer hip. Any excess skin will be removed before the remaining skin is pulled up and attached. Scarring will typically be along the top of the leg in the area where the lower edge of your underwear rests.

Spiral Thighplasty

A new technique in thigh lifts is the spiral thighplasty. It combines the medial thigh lift with a buttock lift, concentrating on the inner, outer, front, and back regions of the thighs. The incision is made in the groin crease and extends from the pubic area around to the buttock fold. It is appropriate for people who have lost a lot of weight and are dealing with significant excess skin. Scarring is typically from the groin around the top of the leg to under the buttock fold.

Understanding Your Options

There are a variety of thigh lifts available for patients, but it can be confusing sorting out the right one for you.

If you are tired of camouflaging your thighs, Dr. Foster, a skilled plastic surgeon, can recommend an appropriate thigh lift technique to improve the contours of your thighs and resolve issues with sagging skin. Please call for a personal consultation.