Read Testimonials from Dr. Foster's New York City Patients

"Dr. Foster, You are not only a brilliant surgeon, you are an artist.  Blake, you are a ray of sunshine and an inspiration.  I am thrilled with my results and am deeply grateful to you both." 



"Dear Dr. Foster,  You are not simply great, you are S U P E R   T E R R I F I C ! ! !  Thank you for turning my clock back!"



"Dear Dr. Foster & Staff,  Cannot thank you enough for your artistry and kindness."



"Dear Dr. Foster,  Between your winning personality, your outstanding credentials, your reputation for the finest work in the country, and your spectacular staff, I don't now why people would even consider going anywhere else."



"Dear Dr. Foster,  You helped give me my face back.  You made me feel you had a vested interest in my recovery.  You have put together a wonderful staff whose importance should never be underestimated by the patient.  They have been so supportive to me throughout the journey and really helped me."



"Dear Blake, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk with me throughout my various procedures, and for recommending such wonderful books.  You've had such a positive influence on me & have so much knowledge about life.  Thanks for sharing." 



"Dear Dr. Foster,  I cannot thank you enough for my new nose  You really changed my life.  Love and gratitude."



"Dear Dr. Foster, Just a note to tell you that both of my private duty nurses were fabulous and amazing.  They're real finds.  Much thanks and blessings!"