Mid Facelift Technique

Nov 15, 2013 @ 07:31 AM — by blakebird
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Manhattan Mid Facelift TechniqueA facelift is commonly known as a cosmetic solution for loose, droopy skin on the face and neck. While a facelift can effectively lift and tighten skin to produce a younger looking appearance, not all patients require the alterations of a full facelift. At Dr. Craig Foster’s plastic surgery practice, we understand that every patient has unique needs and desires for their facial appearance. That is why we offer a range of facelift techniques that allow us to work on specific areas of the face. For our patients in Manhattan, a mid facelift is ideal for those who are looking to correct loose, saggy skin around the lower eyelids and cheeks.


Good candidates for the mid facelift technique are those patients who have sagging skin that is localized around the middle of the face. This includes the lower eyelids, the cheeks, and the corners of the mouth. This technique is most beneficial for patients who do not have a significant amount of loose skin but could benefit from some lifting and tightening in the area. This is an area of the face that is difficult to address using a traditional facelift technique.

The Procedure

Because the mid facelift specifically targets the middle area of the face, the surgical technique that is used is quite different than that of a traditional facelift. First, Dr. Foster will make four small incisions. There are two incisions made on the inner corner of the mouth (one on each side) and one incision on each side of the head, right behind the hairline. Through these incisions an endoscope (a small surgical tool with a camera on the end) will be inserted. This camera will guide Dr. Foster in making the appropriate manipulations to the facial tissue. These alterations allow Dr. Foster to shift the tissue and facial muscles in order to smooth and tighten skin and give the appearance of a slightly fuller cheekbone.


The mid facelift is a great option for patients who are concerned with sagging skin on the middle portion of the face. This technique allows Dr. Foster to focus on a patient’s specific concerns so that they get the aesthetic results they desire. This technique also results in a shorter recovery period than a classic facelift because the incisions that are made are so small. Many patients are able to return to work and everyday activities within a week or two. With recovery complete, patients will benefit from a more youthful and refreshed appearance that stays true to the patient’s natural features.

Alternate Treatment

Candidates for the mid facelift are a very specific group. However, if a mid facelift is not an appropriate treatment for patients, there are alternatives to consider. Those patients with a significant amount of sagging and loose skin around the lower eyes and cheeks may be better suited for a combination of lower eyelid surgery and cheek implants. Patients with concerns about the lower portion of the face and neck should consider a classic facelift.

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Dr. Craig Foster is known for the beautiful and natural-looking results that he has given his patients, many of which are repeat patients. If you are looking for a more youthful appearance, Dr. Foster can discuss the mid facelift technique or recommend a procedure that is most likely to produce the results you are looking for. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Foster at your earliest convenience to learn more.