Breast Augmentation Cost Factors

Woman with dark hair standing in braSome women feel apprehensive about undergoing breast augmentation surgery because they are unsure about cost. Because no two breast augmentation surgeries are the same, the cost differs from case to case. Experienced plastic surgeon Craig Foster is devoted to helping his patients understand every cost aspect of breast augmentation before committing to the procedure. He will take all the time needed to answer your questions and help you understand how to budget for breast augmentation. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Foster and learn more about breast augmentation costcontact our Manhattan, NY, office today.

Breast Augmentation: Surgical Options 

The decision to have breast enhancement surgery is a very personal one, and should be made only after educating yourself on the procedure details. The first step of the process is scheduling your initial consultation. Although the cost of breast augmentation can be significant, it is very important not to compromise your goals in the interest of saving money. Unsatisfactory results can take an emotional toll, and revision surgery is always more costly than an initial surgery because it is much more difficult to perform. Dr. Foster will provide you with detailed information on all breast augmentation options so that you make the best decision for your goals. 

Determining Breast Augmentation Cost

The main factors influencing the cost of breast augmentation are implant type, the surgical venue, recovery time, and your choice of surgeon:


We are happy to help you find a way to place the cost of breast augmentation within your budget. You can speak with one of our patient coordinators about available options for financing your procedure.

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Understanding cost is an important part of being comfortable with the decision to undergo breast augmentation. Dr. Foster understands the need to educate patients about cost factors, and will take all the time needed to answer your questions. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.