Breast Surgery: Manhattan, New York City

Cosmetic breast surgery can be used to address numerous breast-related concerns for women and men. Many women are unhappy with the size or shape of their breasts, desiring breasts that are more proportionate to their bodies, more functional to their lifestyles, or more aesthetically pleasing. Regardless of the reason that you’re considering breast surgery, Dr. Foster can help you attain natural-looking breasts that complement your entire body. Learn more about the most commonly performed cosmetic breast surgeries below.

Breast Augmentation

Patients who want larger or shapelier breasts can undergo breast augmentation surgery to achieve the desired fullness and size. Also referred to as breast enlargement, breast augmentation involves the placement of saline or silicone implants that are shaped and sized to meet each patient’s needs. Implants are placed either underneath the chest muscle or behind breast tissue for a natural look and feel. In addition to women who simply want to increase the size or shape of their breasts for aesthetic reasons, some women wish to restore the appearance of their breasts after pregnancy or dramatic weight loss. Other patients may naturally have asymmetrical breasts and seek breast augmentation to achieve a more balanced bust line. Our plastic surgery center works with each patient individually to meet her needs and help give her the figure she wants.

Breast Lift

Over time, a woman’s breasts begin to sag from the effects of gravity, pregnancy, or weight loss. Our plastic surgery center offers breast lift procedures to remove excess drooping skin and raise breast tissue for a younger, perkier look. Sagging breasts that have lost their shape and fullness over the years can cause women to feel uncomfortable with their figures, so our plastic surgeons work to restore our patients’ self-confidence with breast lift surgery. We can also incorporate implants into your breast lift procedure to restore lost volume. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Foster to learn more about breast lift and find out if you’re an appropriate candidate for the procedure.

Breast Reduction

Women with large breasts often suffer from back and neck pain due to the uneven distribution of weight on their bodies. Large breasts also can make a woman feel uncomfortable in certain styles of clothing and limit her ability to participate in physical activities. Some men also have excess breast tissue, a condition called gynecomastia, and seek treatment to achieve a flatter, more natural-looking chest. If you are considering breast reduction surgery, Dr. Foster can help you choose the option best suited to your aesthetic and physical goals.

Breast Implants

Choosing the right breast implant is an important part of the the breast augmentation procedure. Dr. Foster will discuss your options with you and help you choose the right placement, size and type of implant to best meet your personal aesthetic goals. Both saline and silicone implants can help you increase size, fullness and volume to achieve more voluptuous, feminine proportions. 

Implant Removal & Revision

We offer breast implant revision to remove or replace implants that may have ruptured since the initial surgery, or are now causing pain or other problems. Some patients simply no longer want breast implants. If you are concerned with the look or feel of your breast implants, contact our plastic surgery center to discuss how we can help you achieve better results.