Choosing a Breast Implant Size that Works for You

Oct 30, 2014 @ 09:49 AM — by blakebird
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Female with an ample, shapely bust lineFor women who have lacked confidence or self-esteem due to the appearance of their breasts, breast augmentation offers the opportunity to enhance breast size and improve the shape of the bust line. Because this is a personal cosmetic procedure that is meant to make the patient feel better about herself and her physical appearance, it is extremely important to Dr. Craig Foster that his patients achieve the results they desire from this cosmetic procedure. While there are many important decisions to be made regarding breast augmentation, few have as significant an impact on a patient’s post-surgical satisfaction than implant size. In order to ensure that patients achieve the results they desire from surgery, Dr. Foster works closely with patients, guiding them through the choice of implant size and helping them choose the one that works best for their unique wants and needs.

Which Size Implant is Right for Me?

There is no breast implant size that is the best choice for all patients. Every woman has a unique figure as well as her own perception of what the ideal breast size and shape should be. Because of this, we look at the choice regarding implant size as one that is very personal and unique to each patient. In order to best portray their desires for breast augmentation, we recommend that patients bring in a photo showing what they would like the breasts to look like following surgery. While these photos can be very helpful in helping to choose a breast implant size, there are other factors that should be taken into consideration. Below are some of the considerations to contemplate in regards to breast implants:

  • Body proportions: It is important to consider not only how the breasts will look after surgery, but how the breasts will look in relation to the rest of the body. For patients who have naturally small hips, buttocks, and thighs, it may not be a good idea to go with an excessively large implant size, as it will look unnatural and may put excess strain on the body to have such large weight supported by a small frame.
  • Natural vs. “fake”: Patients should consider whether they want to enhance the size of the bust line while keeping the results natural in appearance or if they are looking for an obvious enhancement that looks larger, rounder, and more “fake.” There are patients who desire both appearances and breast implant size does play a role in determining whether the breasts will appear more natural or dramatically enlarged after surgery.
  • Breast shape: The shape of the breast and the size and shape of the natural breast pocket should be considered as well. A large implant that is placed in a small breast pocket may result in a more uncomfortable recovery and could result in complications such as capsular contracture. It is best to work within the natural shape of the breast when choosing and implant size and profile.
  • Results: Our biggest goal is to create surgical results that will make our patient happy, so this is the most important factor in choosing a breast implant size. We urge you to be extremely honest regarding the look you desire for your breasts. It is very important that anyone who makes the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery comes out of the procedure feeling completely satisfied and with increased self-esteem and confidence.

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